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Rabbit Hutches


Rabbit Hutches

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A number of things can be accomplished with rabbit hutches. The foremost is safety for your bunny. Bunnies tend to be extremely tense creatures, and so they prefer a protected area. This usually consists of some sort of secure space to which they can escape whenever they sense danger. Rabbits may be much less stressed when they've got some sort of well designed nesting place that includes a hiding area. This can actually reduce behavioral problems and health issues brought on by anxiety.

Rabbit Hutch - For Health & Safety


Rabbit hutches should be specially designed in order to maintain rabbit health as well as happiness. Hutches tend to be raised structures, built on legs or stilts, so that they are challenging for predators to access. That concept also produces an ecosystem that has a steady temp. Since a rabbit does not like changing temperatures, they require an area that remains fairly comfortable the majority of the time, plus they additionally need sufficient air flow to remain in good health. It is generally obvious from the design whether the particular rabbit hutches are intended for indoor or outdoor use, so make note of the differences and decide where you rabbit will be housed.

A number of hutches are created so that urine as well as fecal material passes through a wire mesh type of flooring that is inserted in a limited area of the hutch. However, a litter box is a better alternative, since rabbits behave similarly to cats and the wire mesh can damage the rabbit's feet. There is also the issue of keeping the hutch clean and the litter box is also better in that respect. The construction of most hutches includes a combination of wire mesh to provide ventilation, combined with some sort of solid siding like wood or plastic to create areas of warmth for the rabbit.



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Rabbit Home - Allow Sufficient Space


Generally speaking, a rabbit requires one square foot of hutch space for every pound of weight. Don’t forget to allow some growing room if your rabbit is a youngster. Another consideration is the size and placement of the access doors. Think of how you will want to be able to access the inside of the hutch. Check to be sure that any hinges and locks are properly aligned and are of a quality that will not soon break or become difficult to operate. With all the available styles and design, you might want to spend some time browsing before making your final decision. A little extra time now may save you having to replace your hutch in the near future.

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