Rabbit Hutch Plan

In order to supply your rabbit with a secure home, you need to review your rabbit hutch plans. Don't forget, your bunny will probably spend the majority of the time inside the hutch when not accompanying you. Your hutch plans ought to provide an area in which your rabbit can feel protected. It's also the place where there's always food and water - so it's home. There are numerous books and construction designs on rabbit hutch plans available, so take your time when choosing your hutch plans and consider where the hutch will be and how many rabbits you will want to house. 

 Rabbit Hutch Plans

There's disagreement on the subject of the most suitable material to use as flooring in the hutch. Quite a few hutches offer a wire mesh so that waste falls through plus it makes the hutch much less difficult to clean and maintain. However, many owners do not like exposing rabbits to the wire mesh simply because they believe it is painful to rabbit feet. This is certainly a legitimate concern for breeds with thinner fur so decide on this issue before making your final selection of hutch building plans. But, in the event that you select wire mesh, it is still possible to offer much softer footing simply by  providing them a grass pad or tile insert where they can sit and avoid the mesh. Since rabbits are habitual chewers, they will like to chew on the mat which is a good addition even with solid floors.

If your plan includessolid hutch flooring, wood is by far the material of choice. The only disadvantages center around the rabbit's inclination to gnaw and the fact that the wood tends to become soaked with urine. However, on the up side, wood is great if your rabbits are trained to use litter boxes. That training is simpler than you might imagine. All you need to do is put some kitty litter in the litter box and your rabbit will quickly learn to use it. They are much like cats and want to keep their home clean. Just be certain to change the litter on a regular basis. Your bunny will appreciate it. 



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There are several additional steps to consider when selecting the plan you will use to construct your hutch. You will want to consider some security issues. You can incorporate a protected area in which they are able to conceal themselves if they want. You could also add a few toys or object they like to play with. Rabbits are most comfortable in tight, areas where they are able to disappear if they get distressed or scared. This can be accomplished with the addition of a divider in the hutch creating an enclosed place with a small entry for your rabbit. You can make some minor modifications to your hutch plan or you could simply place a prefab box with an opening to create a safe haven.


The important thing with rabbit hutch plans is to create an environment where your rabbit feels safe and secure. Watch how they react to their new hutch. Give them time to become comfortable and only make changes if you think they are necessary. Part of feeling secure for a rabbit is consistency, so don't feel that you need to keep adding or changing things. Since they enjoy chewing, you might want to include a chunk of untreated wood for them to gnaw on. Apple or similar sweet tasting branches also make good chew toys.